Physiotherapy is a medically recognised treatment which can help to overcome injury and disease. Its aim is to restore function, normal movement, alleviate pain and improve strength and physical well- being.

Here at Bridge House Clinic we regularly see injuries resulting from sport, gardening, housework and DIY, workplace and leisure activity stresses and strains.

Following a detailed assessment where we ask about the problem to identify how it started and if there are any aggravating factors preventing improvement, we first look at identifying stiff joints, muscles that are weak or tight, biomechanics and possibly gait which may be relevant to the problem.

On diagnosis of the problem and its cause we can then provide treatment.

Typical common problems may include

  • Musculoskeletal (muscles, bones and joints)
  • Sporting injury
  • Neck and Back pain (muscular,sciatica and whiplash)
  • Arthritis and wear and tear
  • Post-operative surgeries (shoulders, knees, backs)
  • Work related posture and stress
  • Neurological conditions including stroke, head injury and Parkinson’s disease.

As the patient you are involved fully in the process and advised as to the form of treatment which would benefit you the most.

We work closely with your GP and Consultant to provide the best care possible.
At Bridge House Clinic many types of treatment are available to help you get the most out of your visits.

Treatment types include

  • spinal mobilisations
  • specific soft tissue mobilisations
  • advise and education on posture
  • specific exercise programmes
  • massage
  • Bowen therapy
  • Acupuncture

All patients will receive a full assessment on their first visit and will be provided with home exercises, a treatment plan and a subsequent maintenance plan. In this way we aim to recover our patients as fully as possible, with long term results.

We do not necessarily require a GP letter of referral however some insurance companies do insist upon it, so please check if you are intending to claim for your physiotherapy through your medical insurer.

Also available at the Bridge House Clinic

Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise focussing on mind-body centring to help bring the body to balance. It is based on a method of controlled movements to help restore strength, balance, flexibility improve posture emphasising the importance of central core stability.

A lot of injuries we see are caused by imbalances n the body and habitual patterns of movement normally from poor execution. Weakness in one area will lead to over-compensations in another to achieve a certain functional movement. Therefore Pilates exercise plays a key role in the prevention and rehabilitation of many injuries and conditions. Pilates at Bridge House clinic is taught and delivered at progressive levels so you will be sure to find a class that suits your needs whether this be for injury rehabilitation or athletes wishing to enhance performance. Pilates is also taught on a 1:1 clinic basis and in small groups.

Deep Tissue Massage

There are many benefits to regular deep tissue massage whether you are an elite level performer or someone that finds themselves with general muscular tension as a result of work or lifestyle. Our Physiotherapist will fully assess you to ensure that we treat the cause of your symptoms and not just the symptoms. For Example: Recurrent muscular tightness in the shoulders could be the result of a biomechanical issue in your feet leading to weakness in your core.

Deep tissue massage can help

  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Energise tired muscles
  • Help with muscle stimulation
  • Pain management

Right now we are offering 6 massage sessions for the price of 5 when you book a course of 6 treatments. Please call us to find out more.

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